In Village de Pourgues, I love caring!

Our translations in english are homemade, so please feel free to inform us if something is not clear. Eventually you are welcome to give an help for improving our translations. Thanks in advance.

Marjorie Bautista - teacher in the public school (Education Nationale) for 5 years - co-founder of the democratic school « Ecole Dynamique » in Paris - co-founder of the democratic village « Village de Pourgues » - Marjorie offers immersions in Pourgues for families who make the choice of a democratic education, in school, in a family or in a community.

Mutual assistance in everyday life


I am available in the morning to be in the swimming pool with children of other members of the village. I play with them and make sure everything is fine. Meanwhile, Xenia and Benoit take care of my plants, and Jerome and Jonathan install a stove in the cottage so that Xenia's family will be warm this winter. In the afternoon, Liliana plays with Zeÿa, my little boy of 1 year, so that I can fulfill my responsibility as an elected member on the CEA (Investigation and Arbitration Committee), the body that regulates community life. Meanwhile, Hélène is at EMMAÜS (name of a second hand shop in France) to improve the interior design of the house and Arthur makes Mia go horseback riding. In the evening, Ramin and Bea prepare dinner while Max, Alex and Benjamin finish their yurt construction day. What a wonderful day of mutual help!

Helping people in difficult times

This winter…

Ramin is sick. He has a gastro. You can imagine that keeping the stove going in the caravan at night and running outside at full speed in the dark to join the dry toilets is a real race against the clock! Over time, it is exhausting and cumbersome. Liliana then proposes to lend us her room in the house as long as necessary, in order to have access to all the facilities (toilets and heat) during this hardship. Phew, we are relieved and can continue the crossing more serenely. Crossing that will last more than a week! Thanks to Liliana! She somehow contributed to the healing of Ramin.

Another winter night ...

I'm alone with Zeÿa in the caravane. He is only a few months old and has a sharp rise of fever at 2am. Zeÿa is burning and screaming. He is inconsolable. It is the first time I have to deal with an infant's illness. I am tired, alone and helpless. What to do?... I grab my phone and call Xenia, another villager, hoping she will answer at 2am. She does, and comes in the caravane a few minutes later. Once there, she gives me the number of emergency medical services in Ariège, explains the procedure, take Zeÿa and cradle to calm him, and once my call is over, gives me some tips to follow to relieve Zeya. In a few minutes, she gave me what I needed: support and presence, even at 2am! Thank you Xenia.

Tactful mutual aid

 This morning…

After spending the night breastfeeding Zeÿa, having showered, dressed, prepared his breakfast (because he also eats solid), after being attentive to his crying, made his bag, installed his car seat. .. I run a dirty laundry machine (when you are one year old meals are very messy) and go shopping 30 min later, overwhelmed, without removing the laundry from the machine and extend it. Oups…! the washing machine can not be used by other villagers and my clothes may smell musty when I return ... ;( Fortunately, other villagers spontaneously take over: they extend my clothes, then fold it a few hours later and bring it back to me in the caravane! And all that with a smile! How appréciable !

This noon…

During lunch, I sit down with Zeÿa on my knees. He loves to share our meals. I know these moments quickly turn into a battlefield with food on the table and the floor. I try to juggle between my plate, my cutlery, the sudden gestures of Zeÿa, my appetite and his. I'm tired just thinking about cleaning. In addition, I'm thirsty, my glass is empty (overthrown by Zeÿa) and I would like to serve me soup again. Pfiou, not always easy to be calm and happy during meals! Caroline notices it. She comes back with a glass of water, another plate of soup and offers me to clean the floor after our lunch. Phew, thank you! These small gestures are sometimes so precious.

Mutual aid in Pourgues is omnipresent, organic, spontaneous, free, subtle, beneficial, abundant. It makes everyday life lighter and simpler. It weaves bonds of trust with the other, with life.

Community naturally fosters mutual help. It’s a beautiful playground for such dynamics, in which they can fully be expressed and come to life!

Community is a strenght.