Can we join the community ?

Admissions are closed for an indefinite period. At this time, we have 22 settled members and a dozen others committed to joining us.


Can we organise to come and meet you outside of the planned events or monthly visits? We are passing through your area and would like to take the opportunity to visit you.

You can send us a request by email, and if one of the members wants to be available for a meeting it may be possible, but we can not guarantee it.


Is there, or will there be, a democratic school in Village de Pourgues?

There is no school, no plan to make one. At the moment, children in age to go to school are registered as homeschoolers.


Do you offer accommodation? Can we stay overnight?

The offer is being studied. We will keep you informed through our website or newsletter.

In order to preserve the privacy of the inhabitants as well as to ensure the quality of our hosting, we will set up a limit of visitors per week.


Can we come to see you by being autonomous? (camping,trailer...)

For the moment we are not able to welcome you. We do not have the appropriate infrastructure.


Can we come for wwoofing at your place? Do you welcome volunteers?

We do not offer wwoofing. However, we will propose other types of stays (collaborative projects and immersions...).  Please be patient and stay tuned via our website or our newsletter (see bottom of page)