Village de Pourgues was created in 2017. It is a living environment inspired by Sudbury democratic schools' values and ways of functioning.
Located in the south of France, in a large domain, our project encourages us to reconsider the way we relate to children, others and ourselves.
We are a democratic community that promotes freedom, equality and responsibility. We have a profound respect for Life and for the surrounding nature.
Village de Pourgues aims to host different activities such as : courses, events, immersions, collective projects ...



Democracy is placed in the hands of the members
of the community : one individual = one vote. The
framework is clear, structured. Our structure and methods
are evolutive and allow us to improve our ways of


Respect for nature

We are part of nature and our actions are
guided by a desire to take care of it. We draw our inspiration from permaculture principles,
we develop ecological constructions and seek ernergy self-sufficiency



The community does not dictate any activity to its
members. Everyone is free to participate in the life of the village as they wish. In a free environment, trust, enthousiam and well being, find their full meaning.


Openess to the world

We want to be a hosting place and share knowledge
around themes that are meaningful to us.
We actively contribute to the development of the local economy.